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To Train or Not to Train?

A Question for you all:

I hurt my wrist in early January, from a combo of a sudden kotegaishi, and later that same day, a vicious nikyo. As a result, my wrist semi painfully "cracks" when i rotate it - a loud crack every time - and is especially painful when I do any weapon's training that require wrist rotation, i.e. spinning the jo, or even just sudden changes in grip with a boken. Sankyo produces similar results.

Now, I can tape it up hard with hockey tape, and it's "ok" to practice with...doesn't hurt too much when I do that.

So, my question is - keep practicing, or take as much as a month off, hoping for it to heal? I've been practicing for almost three years, and usually i've been able to "practice off" an injury, but this one is proving stubborn. Advice?
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