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Aikido Yoshinkai NSW, Sydney, Australia

And just a friendly reminder:)

We are pleased to announce that Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) will be hosting Takeno Sensei with 2 assistants for a 3-day seminar and demonstration in Sydney, Australia on April 11th, 12th and 13th 2009.
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I know Australia is really far from everything:)
But that's the rare opportunity to see and learn from the teacher of that level and we're really happy to host this seminar:)
smiling arwen

new here

hello, all, new here...thought I'd like to pop in and say hello. I just started training in the local dojo, I worked a little with a friend earlier this year, enough to really turn me onto it. He got me past the initial rolls, and introduced me to a little shiho nage and ikkyo...but he has so much going on he really doesn't have time to train anyone. As much as I miss training with him, I find I really love the dojo, and my boys are training there as well, or at least the two bigger ones, so it kind of makes it a family thing. I'm sore, mat burned and deliriously happy...
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o sensei

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Hello my name is john and I have been practicing for about two years now and have achieved the blue belt rank at my dojo on the campus of Morehead State. I just wanted to introduce myself and hope you welcome me to you group.
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a letter to the moderator

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I was wondering if you could please disable anonymous posting, as it is being abused in thread

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Hey... you Aikidoka might find this amusing. Because I had training yesterday and Aiki = t3h rawking-est. I've been out of training for ages and ages and it just feels so good to get back into the dojo again. Even if I have matching yonkyo-bruises on both my wrists now =P

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Oh, and I'm from Aikido Shinju-Kai of Aikikai Singapore. 5th Kyu. Heh.. still got lots to learn yet =)

===agatsu masakatsu katsuhayabi===

Tee. =)
u should want me :)

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Hey, I'm Crys. I'm looking to better myself and become stronger and more confident. I need someone to help, someone who has been studing the arts for a while who could assist me in my desire to learn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If your a teacher in the Kentucky area and you want to help a girl out, respond. I'm a big girl, very big, and I need to do something now. Please Respond, or tell me to fuck off either way, replies are nice


Hi everyone. I am Kohai(soon to be senpai) David Cougle, a shodan in the Shindoryu Aikijutsu Association. Our dojo is in Hammond, Louisiana(1hr from new orleans) at southeastern university. Our teacher is Rokudan Eric Templet Shihan. This is the closest community I could find to what we do, so I thought I'd just say hi.

Our website(soon to have some new pictures) is at