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Unskilled laughter

That's not an ad, just to share:))

Aikido Yoshinkai NSW, Sydney, Australia

And just a friendly reminder:)

We are pleased to announce that Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) will be hosting Takeno Sensei with 2 assistants for a 3-day seminar and demonstration in Sydney, Australia on April 11th, 12th and 13th 2009.

Takeno Takafumi Shihan

  • Born November 7th 1947 Yamanashi Prefecture
  • 1968 Joined Yoshinakn honbu as an uchideshi
  • 1978 Yoshinkan honbu shihan, and honorary shihan of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police aikido dojo.
  • 1988 Established Yamanashi Yoshinkan, Kancho.
  • 1992 Received 8th dan from Shioda Gozo sensei.
  • 1996 Received a special award from the International Budo Federation for distinguished services to budo.
  • 1996 Received a special award from Aikido Yoshinkai for distinguished services to the organization.

I know Australia is really far from everything:)
But that's the rare opportunity to see and learn from the teacher of that level and we're really happy to host this seminar:)
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