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Long Time...

It looks like it has been a while since anyone has posted to this community, so I will be honored if I may once again speak up and break the lingering silence.

Regretfully I am unable to continue my Aikido training at this time. I am preparing to enter the military and I work all the time just to make ends meet. The times that the dojo offered classes here were on the same nights that I had to work. It hurts not being able to continue my training. I have such a love for this, our art.

Though I am unable to continue my training officially, I still continue to train on my own; taking with me the gifts that have been bestowed upon me. Not only physical, but the spiritual and mental as well.

This art has taught me much and continues to everytime I set myself to practice. Aikido for me has been a blessing. Not an art for violence, but an art for peace and harmony within. A new tool which allows me to battle the demons within.

With every graceful movement I take down the Self one notch lower, but this battle takes time; perhaps even a lifetime.

Aikido, a blessed art.
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